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Hi, I am LeeAnn.

I am LeeAnn Weintraub, registered dietitian nutritionist, nutrition columnist and media consultant with a bustling private practice based in Los Angeles. I opened my doors in 2008 and have helped thousands of individuals and families improve their health with nutrition. As a mom of two young children, I know the juggle of balancing work and family and, for me, these two roles – dietitian and mom – converge when I prepare meals for my own family. It’s often hectic, rushing through the front door after a long day in high heels with backpacks in one hand and the mail in the other. Everyone wants to know what’s for dinner!? When it’s time for the second shift of my day, food has to get on the table…and fast!

I decided to create Family Meals in Heels to share my breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and offer my thoughts and recommendations on meal prep, family nutrition, food ideas, and much more. Whether you are wearing stilettos, flats or boots, even the busiest parents can get a nutritious meal on the table before kicking off their shoes. I know that the internet is already saturated with really talented food bloggers, gorgeous recipe sites and opinionated advice givers, but despite all of it, the main question I still hear everyday is What should I feed my family?. My goal is to help you create and enjoy delicious, nourishing and peaceful family meals. With my recipes I seek to shake up your usual routine with a wide variety of foods and flavors, by offering simple, nutrient-dense and palate-pleasing recipes complete with time-saving ideas and make-ahead tips.

I am excited to bring my nutrition expertise to an even larger audience while still keeping to the spirit of the work I do in my private practice – sharing insights that are non-judgmental, rooted in science and for real life. Our relationship with food starts when we are young and stems from the home. I hope that these recipes are like seeds that can be planted for your family now and will help you live and grow, in good health, for years to come.

— LeeAnn Weintraub, MPH, RD

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